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I'm open to any reasonable offers on any domain name in this list below!

I also have many adult domain names at the bottom I want to downsize...

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98% of these domain names are live with sites and have been for years!


I have a large network of adult and non adult sites and I've had some of these domain names for years with websites up on them. Check out the list on the left for non adult domain names and the list on the right for adult domain names, and if you're interested in any domain just contact me with the domain name you're interested in with an offer. I'm not selling them all but I would if the offer is right.

A Godaddy broker contacted me a week ago Nov. 25th with a buyer offering me $1500 for the domain and I made a counter offer and the buyer bought it for $4000. Brokers are welcome to contact me about any of these domain names. I would even be open to someone buying my entire portfolio of domain names but the price would be high.

Not all domain names are in the list because I have some on Sedo but they are above. I'm old school and my websites are not fancy and some are not mobile friendly, but I don't care because most of my traffic comes from desktops. If anyone is interested in a domain that has a website, I will give it to you but you will have to replace with your own content.

Thank you For Stopping By...

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If you are bored and you want a laugh, just go to ebay and search for domain names, you will be amused by some of the crazy domain names offered for high prices and most of the domain names don't even make sense. Years ago I was one of them, I would buy a domain and list for high dollar only to lower the price until it sold for a few dollars loosing what I originally paid for it. I spent hours searching to buy domain names thinking I would get rich doing it. I finally woke up and realized how crazy this is. Now I don't sell on ebay because ebay is the only one making any money from these suckers. I choose domain names that makes sense and keyword rich in most cases now. Now I price my domain names high to keep from getting low balled, meaning, If I have a domain name selling for $10.000 It gives me plenty of room to bargain. If and when I get an offer, I always come back with a counter-offer and in most cases that buyer agrees to my counter-offer, but if you start out low, you give away all your chances of making a much bigger pay day.. I have domain names selling on Godaddy, Name Cheap, and Sedo, plus I have websites on some of my domain names I'm selling. If you buy and sell domain names, I wish you lots of luck...

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